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Flood Lights on Trees and Sculpture


Thern Electric & Solar designs and installs lighting for many different applications for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and landscapes and athletic fields.   The type of lighting varies with the purpose and desired affect. Below are some examples of different lighting technologies for a few of our projects.  

Human beings are phototropic - we tend to congregate in areas with better light.   Indeed, a business can lead customers to certain areas by creating a lighted path - restaurants often do this to guide customers.   Homes can also benefit by good lighting design, creating a comfortable warm atmosphere with light where it is wanted.    This also can significantly reduce the amount of electricity used.

For great lighting and energy savings, please see our LED Lighting page for technical information.

Puck Fixtures Under Shelving Sconce Lights Mosquito Mask
LED Puck Lighting Sconce Lighting LED Rail Spot Lighting
Ground Flood On Sculpture Recessed Wall Wash Lighting Recessed Pin Lights at Suspended Flat TV
Ground Flood Lighting MR16 Wall Wash Lighting MR11 Lighting
MR16 Track Spot Lighting MR16 Well Lighting Commercial Lighting
Gooseneck Wall Light Napa Valley Museum 12 Volt Track on Suspended Grid System Mercury Vapor Lighting
Gooseneck Lighting MR16 Grid Track Lighting HiBay Fluorescent Lighting
LED Sconce Lighting LED Cove Lighting 12V Path Lighting

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